Welcome to eTendering

TfL have launched a new electronic tendering (eTendering) system. Suppliers are recommended to review the following guidance in the use of this new system.

Suppliers can search and view current contract opportunities with TfL without the need to register in the eTendering system by using the search function (use wildcards "*" before and after search term).
To take part in any tendering activity suppliers must register as per the guidance below.
A user manual can be downloaded form the Help section or guidance on specific topics can be found in the Interactive Walkthroughs or FAQ sections.

On this page:

Introduction to eTendering

eTendering allows you to easily:

  • Register to 'express an interest' in order to view documents relating to opportunities and participate in tendering activities
  • Manage staff within the same company with multiple user accounts
  • Receive automated notifications via email for new opportunities
  • Communicate throughout the tendering process

Register as a supplier

If you are interested in supplying goods or services, you can register to become a listed supplier with TfL. It is important that suppliers do not register multiple times. If your organisation will have multiple users, the first person to register into the TfL e-tendering system will be by default (noting this can be changed) your super user who is responsible for:

  • Creating your supplier profile
  • Creating and managing other users accounts for colleagues
  • If your company has already been registered into the e-tendering system any new users of the same organisation attempting to register will be redirected to their appropriate super user for authorisation.

Register for payment

To be paid by TfL you must also be registered on our payment system. Please note that this system is independent from the eTendering system.

Contact for Assistance

Suppliers can download the user manual from the Help link found at the top of this webpage. Alternatively contact the helpdesk on the free phone number Helpdesk Phone Number for further assistance.

Access to projects in TfL's previous eTendering system

If a supplier requires access to tenders they were involved in pre-July 2010 they can access this information by logging into the payment system.